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Jewellery CAD Design

Posted on 2012-06-30, By A-Best Staff
Jewelry CAD design has evolved from pencil drawing to the use of computers. Today Jewelry is designed using computer aided devices. In ancient times, the goldsmith or metalworker used crude tools for the fabrication of jewelry. All this has been replaced by the coming of the computer age. Jewelry Cad design ahs aided the jewelry trade to come up with the most intricate of designs. Further, the design and later production of custom designs has given the industry a lift during hard time as are experienced lately.


Why are designers designing today using jewelry cad design methods and apparatus important today?


Before an article of jewelry is created, it is typically rendered by a 3d jewelry designer, a professional who is trained in the architectural and functional knowledge of not only metallurgy but also design elements such as composition and wearability.


Jewelry Cad design is important today, because without it, the most intricate designs as are being produced in this day and age would not have been possible without the computer. The designer is capable of producing, on the screen of a computer, the design as he envisions it. A 3d jewelry model looks like the finished piece in precious metal, except that tit has been manufactured in wax or a resin. From this the process of manufacture is either the direct casting to precious metal or the making of molds made out of silicone. The jewelry model designed in 3d/cad comes out of the present machines flawless, which reduced machining or other alteration a bench jeweler would have to make.

3d jewelry is today referred to as the product that is the result of a designer designing a jewelry piece using CAD. The 3d model represents completely all aspects of a finished piece. The 3d model can be rendered with our without stones in various software programs so that a customer can see the finished piece before it actually has been finished.

Jewelry DAD design is a major step forward for the industry. This has become commonplace and anybody who is still stuck in the old ways, will fall back, never to be able to catch up to the standards these new technologies are setting. The 3d models is as well referred to as CAD model.
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